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Airlift Engineering is privately-owned ISO 9001:2015 certified Indian based Company located in Chennai. We are focusing in Elevator installations, Modernizations and maintenance and provide full customer safety and Satisfaction through our products.

From a conventional view of architecture and engineering, elevators serve the menial purpose of moving people from one floor to another in a mechanical manner. However, over the years these have evolved in form and purpose within the system.

In the current landscape of building management, lifts are figuring in more prominent roles, as the industry becomes more integrated. Nowadays, lift installation considers providing access to particular individuals who will be entering and leaving the building, or improving the energy efficiency of a particular facility. With this in mind, AIRLIFT seeks to provide world-class lift and elevator technology to markets in India.

Behind any brand , there is a company culture. Ours is characterized by a clearly service oriented attitude. Our three values of commitment, reliability and flexibility are part of our identity. We maintain close relationships with our client. We collaborates with the client. We get to know their needs, and we help them to achieve their goals.

Our results are our best guarantee coming through on our promises. Our capable and motivated personnel allow us to establish long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Mission

"we innovate, we invest in our people and we grow, aiming at exceptional customer experience through a personal approach"

Breakthrough Culture

"Innovation, growth, development and improvement are all vital to our business model. We set high goals, we commit to them, we take risks and we determinedly turn any opportunity into a learning experience. We are not afraid to fail"

Our Vision

Our Experienced Engineering team based on the provision of technical solutions which are possible thanks to the investment in staff and equipment, thus guaranteeing the best and most efficient service to our clients, characterised by the highest quality and safety.

Our Services

Elevator Installation

The electric motor and most other traction elevator equipment are normally located above the elevator shaft and are therefore not usually susceptible to flood damage . However, some equipment such as the counterweight roller guides, compensation cable assembly, limit switches, selector tapes, governor rope assembly, and oil buffers usually are located at the bottom of the shaft. When this equipment cannot be located above the BFE, it must be constructed using flood damage-resistant materials .

Elevator Modernization

If your elevator is more than 10 years old, it’s time to think about modernization. Your elevator equipment is often part of people's first impression of your building; long wait times and outdated-looking equipment create a negative first impression. AIR LIFT modernization solutions will increase the value of your building, enhance aesthetics, and improve the overall safety of your elevator equipment.

Elevator Maintenance

At AIR LIFT Services , We understand the need of urgency when it comes to passenger elevator maintenance. That’s why we offer fast sand effective responsive times at the most competitive rates, ensuring that your lift maintenance needs are dealt with us quickly as possible.

Lift engineering & design

We have equipped in-house designing team for our entire custom-made lift projects.

Preventative Maintenance

The required preventative maintenance visits with the applicable focus areas are automatically generated with unique work order numbers for each visit.

Speed & efficient

Our comprehensive and all encompassing preventative maintenance programme has been custom built to ensure that we offer speedy and efficient service to all our customers.

Timely Customer Service

Our Timely customer service provide support to customers in an opportune manner. Responding to customer requests on time as well as resolving customer issues in a timely fashion is an extremely part of our customer service.

Quality Management

we have worked hard to develop our Quality Management System, which encompasses several areas such as Health and Safety Training, and Project Management.

Our People

What sets Airlift apart from other lift companies is its people. We’re deliberately different in the way we run our business. And our customers can tell.

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Airlift Engineering Chennai’s Industry leader in safe, reliable and energy efficient elevation. Speak to one of our experts or request a brochure. What ever you need, we’re happy to help.


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